Terms & Conditions:

1.ALL USERS MUST REGISTER (OPT-IN) TO THE PROMOTION TO TAKE PART IN WORLD CUP GIVEAWAY. In order to participate, users need to register for the promotion with the user id.
2.Promotion will take place from November 19th to December 18th.
3.Minimum total odds per ticket is 3.00.
4.Minimum amount per ticket is 10 ZMW.
5.Bets must be only on Sports events. Bets on Casino and Virtual sports are not eligible for this promotion.
6.Users may individually keep track of their own points or check the leaderboard.
7.The points system depends on the participant’s total ticket amount, which must be no less than 10 ZMW. 10 ZMW ticket gives you 1 point. For example, a player placed a ticket with 20 ZMW, which gives him 2 points. Each new ticket above 10 ZMW will be counted with points and summed up.
8.Winners will be determined by a random draw.
9.Only one prize per winner per draw.
10.Promotion is available for all GSB users in Zambia.
11.Participating in this promotion you give your acceptance to post your photo with a prize for GSB marketing purposes.
12.This offer can be stopped anytime at the company’s discretion.
13.GSB has the right to amend the terms of the offer, cancel or renew the offer, or refuse participation at any time without prior notice.
14.GSB reserves the right to review customers’ transaction records and logs for any reason. If upon such review, it appears that a customer is participating in a strategy that GSB at its sole discretion deems to be unfair, GSB reserves the right to revoke the entitlement of such customers to the promotion and cancel their winnings.